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Bowing Walls

Whether your foundation slab is cracked or your wall structures are beginning to bow and lean inward, we can permanently stabilize your foundation walls!

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BQ Basements & Concrete permanently repairs failing foundation walls

The Problem:

Foundation walls that are bowing or buckling are usually a symptom of soil or hydrostatic pressure from the outside of the foundation. This type of foundation problem should be taken very seriously as this foundation problem can quickly turn into larger and more expensive repairs to your home.

Your foundation walls are bowing, buckling or are showing signs of inward movement.

Wall anchors are a great option for repairing failing foundation wall issues such as bowing wall problems. Steel rods extend through the foundation wall and attach to soil anchors that are placed in the ground outside the home.

Telltale Signs:

  • Horizontal or stair-step cracking along the foundation walls
  • Diagonal cracking at corners of poured concrete foundation walls
  • Inward bowing or bulging along the walls
  • Walls sliding inwards on the bottom
  • Walls leaning in at the top
  • Wet, clay soils around the home coupled with damaged walls
  • Expansive clay soils present around the structure


In order to stabilize and restore failing foundation walls, we utilize the clamping pressure of SettleStop™ Wall Anchors along the bowing walls to sustain the outside pressure.

When there is limited space available for the installation of wall anchors, we recommend installing the patented SettleStop IntelliBrace™ Wall System to stabilize failing basement walls.

Look no further for a professional foundation repair company, BQ Basements & Concrete has the solution for your home. Whether your foundation slab is cracked or your wall structures are beginning to bow and lean inward, we can permanently stabilize your foundation walls! Our wall repair solutions are warrantied, and can be installed within a day’s work!

At BQ Basements & Concrete, we’re proud to provide warrantied solutions that will permanently solve issues with bowing, buckling foundation walls.

Contact us today for a free foundation wall repair quote! We serve throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, including: Greater Philadelphia area, Camden, Cape May, Trenton, Atlantic City, Wilmington, Dover and surrounding areas.

Signs of a bowing foundation wall

The soils surrounding your foundation walls apply an ever-enduring pressure on your home from the outside. Expansive soils and hydrostatic pressure on the foundation wall structure may cause your walls to move inward or may even cause a horizontal or stair-step crack(s) along the interior and exterior walls.

Foundation wall structures may also crack and lean from foundation settlement, which is also an issue caused by soil variations from under the home. That’s why it’s important to have one of our foundation specialists inspect your property so that we can accurately identify what kind of foundation issue is causing the problem in your home.

Below are images of several foundation structures that are experiencing damage from hydrostatic pressure and expansive soils from the outside.

What causes cracked & bowing foundation walls?

The soils surrounding your home can greatly affect the amount of pressure exerted on your foundation walls. Depending on where you live, the soil properties may vary based on your geographic location, affecting your foundation as seasons change or climate changes.

The amount of pressure the soil exerts on your home depends on several factors:

  • The type of soil around the foundation
  • The amount of moisture in the soil
  • How far underground the foundation is
  • The temperature conditions

When soil pressure from outside the home is more than the foundation walls can handle, the walls will begin to fail. Symptoms of failing foundation walls may be noticed all throughout the home from the exterior walls to interior drywall and flooring.

Your home also may experience hydrostatic pressure, where pressure is exerted on your foundation from resting liquids. That’s why it’s important to have gutters and downspouts properly aligned, directing water flow away from your foundation – reducing the pressure of moist soils on your home.

Expansive clay soils and frost are also culprits of foundation wall stress that can create sufficient force on structures to push them inwards — and potentially collapse.

Don’t let a bad situation get worse! Our company specializes in foundation wall repair solutions and offers Greater Philadelphia, Delaware and New Jersey homeowners free foundation wall repair quotes for your home – call or e-mail us today for your estimate!

When foundation wall anchors aren’t an option

In order for a wall anchor system to work effectively, several feet of access is needed on the outside of your home. Wall anchors are not always a valid option for every homeowner, especially when some homes are only a few feet apart others. If this is the case for your home, we have other readily available wall repair options to straighten your structure, such as our patented SettleStop™ Foundation Wall System.

The SettleStop™ IntelliBrace System

The SettleStop IntelliBrace™ is a patented foundation wall repair system designed to stabilize failing basement walls when little or no access is available on the outside of the home. When bowing and buckling wall problems arise, the patented SettleStop IntelliBrace™ system also allows for potential wall straightening over time.

Benefits of the SettleStop IntelliBrace™ System:

  • Can be tightened – allows for wall improvement over time
  • Beam and components are zinc-coated – resistant to rust
  • Neat and clean appearance in basement
  • Professionally installed
  • No outside excavation is required
When space outside your home is limited, we can repair your bowing walls with our patented SettleStop IntelliBrace™ system. This innovative system stabilizes bowing walls and can even straighten walls over time.

The IntelliBrace™ is a steel I-beam system that is created with a zinc-coating – making our product rust-resistant with the ability to straighten failing foundation walls over time.

Installation of a SettleStop IntelliBrace™ system is a great alternative with no outside excavation required, that means no disruption to your lawn, garden(s), foliage, or other landscaping.

More about The SettleStop IntelliBrace™ System.

Foundation repair methods that don’t work

Repairing a foundation for a home is a large job that may vary from home to home, depending on the cause and the conditions of the home. Some foundation repair methods, such as total foundation replacement or ‘old school’ methods such as steel beams, don’t actually fix the actual problem and can actually make it worse.

BQ Basements & Concrete offers homeowners within Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware our patented and warrantied foundation wall repair solutions. Our innovative solutions address the actual cause of the problem within the foundation and can permanently stabilize failing basement walls.

Total foundation replacement:

This solution is extremely disruptive, expensive and time-consuming, but the real problem is that it doesn’t address the issue. The foundation isn’t the problem with your cracked floors and leaning basement walls; the soil is the problem.

It’s disruptive to replace an entire foundation because it requires the entire perimeter of the foundation to be completely excavated — including gardens, shrubbery, sidewalks, and other landscaping.

After the perimeter is excavated, the home is jacked up and the floor slab and foundation walls are removed. Not only is foundation replacement disruptive and time-consuming, it’s expensive. To rebuild and reposition the house costs a hefty sum, especially when you consider that concrete is an energy-intensive product that can range anywhere from $65 a yard to $150 a yard!

Once the foundation is rebuilt and repositioned, your home may experience similar problems from the past, because total foundation replacement doesn’t address the troublesome soil surrounding your home. Your newly built foundation will break and experience the same problems your past foundation experienced.

If you’re going to invest money in repairing your foundation, choose the solution that is not disruptive and will be warrantied for 25 years.

Professional foundation wall repair company in PA, NJ & DE

If your foundation is experiencing bowing or leaning walls, contact us today for a free foundation wall repair estimate. One of our foundation repair specialists will visit your home and let you know what is causing your foundation issue and what solution is necessary. We provide our foundation repair service to homeowners throughout our Pennsylvania and New Jersey service area.

Our service area includes the Greater Philadelphia area, Camden, Cape May, Trenton, Atlantic City, Wilmington, Dover and surrounding areas. Call or e-mail us today!


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