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A Cracked or Unleveled Sidewalk Next To Green Grass

Sidewalk Repair

If you have a concrete sidewalk that is cracked or uneven, it not only looks bad, but it can lead to a fall or serious injury.

If you have a concrete sidewalk that is cracked or uneven, it not only looks bad, but it can lead to a fall or serious injury. The good news is the concrete does not have to be torn out and poured again to fix the problem. BQ Basements & Concrete can raise your sinking sidewalk and prevent it from sinking further.

Why concrete Walkways Sink and Crack

Walkways and sidewalks are exposed to a lot of wear and tear. When the soil supporting the concrete becomes weak, the concrete can crack and sink. There are many things that can create a void beneath the slab, such as erosion from rainwater or gutter runoff, or a tree root that has rotted over time. Dirt fill underneath the slab that has not been well compacted can also create voids beneath the concrete. Regardless of what’s caused your sidewalk to sink, we can fix it!

Before and after: Concrete Sidewalk Lifting

Look familiar? The sidewalk in front of this home settled a couple inches, creating a trip hazard and an area for water to pool. After raising the slab with PolyRenewal™, we were able to turn the sunken sidewalk into a safe, level surface.

This family in Bethlehem, PA will no longer have to deal with a tripping hazard on their front porch. BQ Basements & Concrete has lifted and sealed the concrete to restore their sidewalk.

A permanent solution to uneven concrete! Contact us today to lift you sinking concrete!

A few weeds were not going to stop the BQ team from repairing these concrete steps in Bath, PA. Check out the major gap in between the center of the sidewalk. BQ Basements & Concrete quickly and effectively repaired the concrete sidewalk by lifting the concrete slabs, rather than tearing out and replacing it. Our Concrete Repair System was the perfect solution for this sinking concrete. These homeowners felt like replacement was the only option but after seeing our concrete repair system they know they now have a permanently lifted and safe sidewalk.

Restoring the walkway with concrete lifting

Some areas require home and business owners to maintain the sidewalks adjoining their property. If someone trips and falls on the sidewalk in front of your home, you might be liable. It’s important to check your town or city’s sidewalk regulations.

Concrete lifting with PolyRenewal™ is a practical, affordable solution for concrete sidewalk repair. In addition to taking less time and costing you less, concrete leveling is far less disruptive to the landscaping. If the concrete is ripped out and repoured, the grass can be damaged from the heavy equipment and the removal of the old slab. With PolyRenewal™ injection lifting, there’s almost no waiting for the concrete to cure before you can walk on it. With concrete replacement, it usually takes about a day for the concrete to cure.

Contact the concrete repair specialists at BQ Basements & Concrete today to get a free estimate to raise your sunken sidewalk. We offer concrete lifting and leveling services in the Greater Philadelphia area, Camden, Trenton, Cape May, Atlantic City, Wilmington, Dover and the surrounding area.


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