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Crew Member Waterproofing a Basement

AquaStop Basement Sump Pump System

Our experienced sump pump installation crews pride themselves on their ability to complete a quality waterproofing job in a single day, with larger jobs taking two.

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Installed Sump Pump in Basement

With hundreds of sump pumps available, finding the right pump for you and your home is extremely important.It needs to reliably and automatically pump water away from your foundation, restoring your peace of mind.

A sump pump is a submersible pump, located inside a sump pump pit that collects groundwater. When a specified water level is reached, the pump automatically turns on and pumps the water outside through a series of pipes.

Technological improvements in sump pump design has come a long way in recent years, still many outdated sump pumps remain in the homes of Greater Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware area residents. Plastic pumps are prone to overheating and clear check valves offer you a level of protection not found in older models.

Learn why BQ Basements & Concrete’s full lineup of sump pumps stands out against the rest.

Our Sump Pumps

Triple Sump Pump

AquaStop Basement Triple Sump Pump

Ultimate peace of mind. Featuring three pumps, it automatically adjusts to meet your waterproofing needs.

Pump 1, or the primary pump is a heavy-duty 1/3 horsepower (HP) cast-iron pump that does most of the daily work. It can pump 2,600 gallons of water per hour.

Pump 2,is ½ HP and automatically operates when either pump one fails or simply cannot keep up with the volume of water. This pump alone can pump out more than 6,000 gallons per hour.

Pump 3 is battery-operated and kicks on automatically in the event of a power outage.

Along with an exceptional pump lineup, the AquaStop Basement Triple Sump Pump also features an airtight lid that reduces noise and stops debris from entering the pit and causing issues.

AquaStop Basement Single Sump Pump

Offering the best performance and value, the AquaStop Basement SingleSump Pump features a 1/3 HP cast-iron pump, capable of removing 2,600 gallons per hour. Featuring a built-in alarm, airtight lid to keep odors out and a perforated sump pump liner, this sump pump is sure to keep your home dry long-term.

AquaStop Crawlspace Single

Designed for crawl spaces. This compact sump pump packs the same punch as its basement brothers but is designed to accept the CrawlSeal crawl space vapor barrier system for an airtight seal. Featuring a high-quality 1/3 HP cast-iron and automatic switch, the AquaStop Crawlspace Single works without your assistance. For an added layer of protection, consider adding a battery back-up in the case of a power outage.

Why Sump Pumps are so important

It’s no surprise to you that Philadelphia is a rainy city. Averaging nearly 50 inches of rainfall throughout the year, plus the more than 10 inches of snowmelt, water in the basement or crawl space is a common problem for many Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware homeowners.

So why is it essential to take care of water as soon as it is discovered? We’ll explain.

Mold and Structural Failure

A wet basement means mold growth. And mold is incredibly harmful, in your basement and throughout your home. It’s dangerous to breathe and if left untreated can lead to structural failure.

That’s because where there is mold, there could be wood rot. When your wooden joists are infected with wood rot, the wood is broken down or softened by the fungus. Unable to support your floorboards properly, the floor sags and bounces when you step on the affected spot.

High Energy Bills 

A wet, humid basement means extra work for your AC unit and furnace. These appliances have to work harder since the stack effect sends warm air higher creating a change in temperature upstairs. You’re AC and furnace need to work overtime to stabilize the temperature. This leads to high energy bills.

A sump pump effectively drains water out of your basement, eliminating the stack effect and saving you money in the long run.

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Contact BQ Basements & Concrete to learn more about the best sump pump for your home. Our trained inspectors will do a full assessment of your property and explain the best solution to keep your home dry and healthy. With nearly 20 years of experience, we have been protecting Greater Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware area homes with our leading products and exceptional customer service.


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