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Foundation Waterproofing

If you're in need of foundation waterproofing for your home, BQ Basements & Concrete is ready to help!

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How to Keep your Foundation Dry in Existing Structures

In new construction and existing homes alike, foundation flooding is an all-too-common problem. When a basement floods, it ruins the usability of the space, while many of the stored items in the space are damaged by the flood.

If appropriate measures to waterproof the foundation were not taken when the home was originally built, then there’s a good chance that your basement will flood sooner or later.

In the event that this happens, BQ Basements & Concrete can help you waterproof the foundation.

Our installations include patented waterproofing products and written warranties.

Water in crawl space

Existing Structure Foundation Waterproofing

Once construction is done and the home has been lived in, BQ Basements & Concrete does not recommend foundation waterproofing from the exterior to solve the problem.

Installing a drainage system on the interior will eliminate the need to dig out the perimeter of the foundation, including steps, sidewalks, patios, gardens, shrubs, etc. Interior foundation waterproofing systems are also much easier to maintain during the life of the home.

BQ Basements & Concrete advises homeowners to install an interior waterproofing drainage system, such as our AquaStop BasementGutter™ Drainage System.

This basement drain installs along the interior perimeter of the foundation walls, where it collects water and sends it to a sump pump system.

BasementGutter™ includes a special wall flange that extends up slightly from the drainage system. This flange provides a built-in wall drain to collect water from the walls, while still being covered over with concrete. This means that your entire foundation perimeter is protected, while the drain itself is nearly invisible in your basement.

Foundation Waterproofers in PA, NJ & DE

If you’re in need of foundation waterproofing for your home, BQ Basements & Concrete is ready to help! We can help you dry your basement– and keep it dry all the time! Contact our experts today for a free thorough inspection of your foundation and a customizable quote tailored to your situation.

BQ Basements & Concrete performs foundation waterproofing in PA, NJ and DE, the Greater Philadelphia area, Camden, Cape May, Trenton, Atlantic City, Wilmington, Dover and surrounding areas.


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