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Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair in Wilmington, DE

Summer rainstorms and ground saturation can lead to rampant foundation and basement issues for your Wilmington home.

Wilmington is located in the northeast corner of Delaware and is part of the Atlantic Coastal Plain. Bordered to the east with the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay in the southwest, the surrounding bodies of water determine the city’s climate. Summers are warm and humid, and winters are generally mild. The soil type is mainly clay and is well-drained, although the vast amounts of rainfall can lead to ground saturation and the problems that come with it. If you’re experiencing a wet or leaky basement or structural problems with your home’s foundation, let the specialists at BQ Basements & Concrete help. Our team has 24 years of experience dealing with these issues inundating your home’s stability and our proven solutions can help restore your home back to its original state.

Basement Waterproofing in Wilmington, DE

Basement Water Damage – Walking into your basement and seeing pooling water or smelling damp and musty odors can be concerning for any homeowner. Water can find its way into your basement through a variety of ways, whether it be faulty plumbing, wall cracks from hydrostatic pressure or flooding after a heavy rainfall. At BQ Basements & Concrete we offer proven solutions to help solve everything from water damage in your basement by installing interior drainage and a sump pump to covering the walls with a vapor barrier. These combined solutions ensure your home stays dry and clean for years to come.

Foundation Waterproofing – Have you ever walked around your home after heavy rainfall and noticed pools of water surrounding the edges of your foundation? This can be cause for concern as your basement may be experiencing structural problems. This arises from not including the appropriate measures to waterproof the foundation during initial construction. Fortunately, our team at BQ Basements & Concrete offer a variety of solutions to help keep your basement dry and clean and your foundation waterproofed permanently.

Basement Sump Pump – Since Wilmington homeowners are used to rainfall year-round, they also might be familiar with their basements flooding. This is where our sump pump systems come in! When water flows into your basement, it is collected first by an interior drainage system. The water then trickles down to the sump pit where a float switch is triggered by water reaching a certain level. Afterwards, the water drains out of your home through a discharge line and is directed far away from your basement. This ensures you don’t have to worry about your basement getting water damage when it rains, and it stays dry and moisture-free!

Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation in Wilmington, DE

Crawl Space Mold – If there’s one main thing that mold needs to thrive, it’s a dark, damp environment. Unfortunately, this describes your crawl space perfectly. Finding out that you have an issue with mold is problematic, as it can have a negative impact on your entire home. One of the major concerns is its ability to weaken wood over time, since mold feeds off organic materials. To tackle your mold problem, it’s important to address the root cause, not just the symptoms. The underlying cause of mold anywhere is moisture. At BQ Basements & Concrete, our experts can waterproof your crawl space and seal out any moisture leading to mold.

The Stack Effect – The stack effect is primarily an airflow and temperature-based phenomenon. Sometimes called the chimney effect, this term refers to the process by which warmer, lighter air rises while colder, denser air sinks. One of the best things you can do to protect your home from the stack effect is to cover your property’s crawl space vents and encapsulate your crawl space from moisture. If you have uncovered crawl space vents, the professionals at BQ Basements & Concrete can install a high-quality cover to put a stop to the stack effect.

Crawl Space Encapsulation – Encapsulating your crawl space is a technique that seals out moisture, as well as makes it more difficult for pests such as insects and other nesting animals to make a home underneath yours. To do this, our experts at BQ Basements & Concrete will check out the condition of your crawl space, fix any prior issues, and then seal it up with a 20-mil plastic vapor barrier, making sure that its safe from the elements. Giving you peace of mind and a permanent solution to water damage.

Foundation Repair in Wilmington, DE

Bowing Walls – If you notice that the walls in your home are beginning to buckle, bow, or crack this is usually a sign of problematic soil or hydrostatic pressure pushing on your foundation. This type of structural damage cannot go unrepaired as you run the risk of your interior walls collapsing and the rest of your home going with it. Fortunately, our wall anchor solution can permanently stabilize your foundation walls over time. Ensuring that your home remains stable and safe for anyone inside.

Sticking Windows & Doors – If you have trouble opening or closing your doors or windows in your home or notice that they stick to the latches and are uneasy to pull open, you might be dealing with your foundation sinking or settling. This is usually due to a few reasons such as elevated humidity within your home, tree roots causing your concrete slabs to crack, or rotted wood in your crawl space. To prevent these issues altogether, it’s imperative to have annual inspections to ensure your home stays in proper working order.

Foundation Wall Repair System – An unstable foundation can have a large impact on your home’s structural integrity, since it is meant to keep your home standing upright and solid. Once problem signs begin to arise, it’s usually an indicator that your foundation is failing in some areas. Luckily, our SettleStop IntelliBrace™ Wall Repair System, installed by the experts at BQ Basements & Concrete, can help. By acting quickly and not delaying repairs, it can help minimize damage and keep repair costs down.

Concrete Lifting in Wilmington, DE

Crew installing concrete lifting

Commercial Concrete Repair – BQ Basements & Concrete offers a proven solution to lift and stabilize uneven concrete slabs, such as sidewalks, driveways, roadways, and warehouse floors for commercial properties. With multiple formulas available, PolyRenewal™ can fit the needs of your commercial, industrial, or municipal job, large or small. PolyRenewal™ uses a two-part urethane polymer that expands into high-density foam to fill voids, lift and stabilize concrete and solve a wide range of geotechnical and structural applications.

Sidewalk Repair – On average, sidewalks and walkways experience more wear and tear than any other concrete structure around your home. And when the soil underneath the concrete slabs starts to shift or settle, it can lead to cracking and sinking. This can result in uneven slabs and tripping hazards for anyone using it. Voids in the soil can be due to erosion, rainwater runoff, or intruding tree roots. Thankfully, your sidewalk doesn’t need to be torn out and re-poured again to fix the problem. Our experts at BQ Basements & Concrete can fill and lift your cracked and sinking sidewalk to ensure it doesn’t sink any further.

Concrete Step Repair – If the stairs leading up to your home are cracking or sinking, concrete lifting with PolyRenewal™ is a practical, affordable solution for concrete step repair. The concrete around your home can sink or settle due to loose soil, tree roots, or water damage over time. In addition to taking less time and costing you less, concrete lifting is far less disruptive to the landscaping. With PolyRenewal™ injection lifting, there’s almost no waiting for the concrete to cure before you can walk on it.


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About Waterproofing, Crawl Spaces & Foundation Repair in Wilmington, DE

Soil erosion is defined as a natural occurring process in which soil wears away due to an external factor. Soil erosion is extremely detrimental to your property because it displaces the soil that is supposed to be holding up your home. Without the soil, your foundation is at the mercy of any extra weight, pressure, or movement that comes from within or outside your home. Soil erosion can cause settling, ruin the way water flows through your property, and allow for the over-saturation of soil. All in all, it’s a pretty disruptive occurrence for a homeowner.

Sagging floors is one of those problems homeowners don’t usually see to right away. Sometimes, the floor begins to sag slowly over time, so it may not seem like a big deal as homeowners become accustomed to walking on an uneven floor. Other times, the thought of having to replace the floorboards and wooden joists is such a hassle that homeowners would rather put it off for later. However, did you know that if you act fast, not a single piece of wood in your foundation needs to be replaced? It all depends on what’s causing the sag and how quickly you’re able to fix it. One of the reasons your floor is sagging is because of damaged wood. This can be either due to breakage or due to wood rot. If it’s wood rot, you can kill the mold if it hasn’t softened up the wood significantly. To make sure the wood rot is completely gone and to protect yourself from manipulating dangerous chemicals yourself, contact an expert who can eliminate the rot and coat the wood with a primer to strengthen it. Another reason your floor is sagging would be due to foundation settling.

Uneven concrete slabs are pretty dangerous on their own, but things get even riskier if it’s an uneven pool deck. The settling that occurs around pool decks are more likely to cause accidents because of the water, and those that don’t know how to swim run the risk of falling into the pool. But what exactly causes uneven pool decks? Is it the same thing that causes concrete settling in your driveway or garage? Well, sort of, but there’s a bit of a twist to it that involves the pool’s construction. A pool is made by digging a hole large enough to fill a pool. Once all the walls are put into place, soil is backfilled around the excavated area until there’s no sign of the hole. The problem with this is that while the soil surrounding the pool is compacted, dense, and capable of holding up the pool, the soil that’s used as backfill is very loose. Because of the soil’s looseness, when the concrete slabs are poured over the soil, it compresses together, forming a gap under the concrete that causes settling. There’s very little that can be done about this during the construction of the pool itself, so all you can do as a homeowner is repair the settled slabs.

The Wall Anchor System permanently stabilizes your foundation walls, offering the best opportunity to straighten the walls without the cost and disruption of foundation replacement. Heavy-duty, galvanized earth anchors are embedded in stable, undisturbed soil outside your foundation wall. Each anchor is connected by a steel rod to a wall plate that provides clamping pressure against the inside of the foundation wall. This method also offers the potential to straighten the wall back to its original position. Wall anchors are the most versatile wall repair method because they can be used to stabilize walls with a variety of problems, including bowing walls, tipping walls, and walls that are pushing in at the bottom. Wall anchors are installed independently of a home’s floor systems, making them the ideal installation under appropriate conditions. In order for a wall anchor system to work effectively, several feet of access is needed on the outside of your home. In areas where homes are only a few feet apart, wall anchors are not a valid option. If this is the case in your situation, we will recommend another wall repair option.

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