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Crew Member Doing an Inspection of A Crawl Space

Crawl Space Repair

Vapor barriers, support jacks, mold treatment & more throughout Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey.

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Crawl space repair will create a healthier living space, eliminate harmful allergens and save money on your utility bills. Plus, encapsulating your crawl space with a vapor barrier adds useful storage space to your home!

Our crawl space repair services

  • Crawl space waterproofing
  • Vapor Barrier & dehumidifier installation
  • Crawl space ventilation
  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • And More!

We offer free crawl space repair quotes in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area, including areas near Philadelphia, Camden, Trenton, Edison, Cape May and Atlantic City.

Mold in Your Crawl Space?

To survive, mold needs three things: some warmth, organic materials to eat, and a relative humidity of 60% or higher.

Mold is very tolerant to heat and cold — it grows in refrigerators, and it will certainly survive in your crawl space. Mold can also survive by eating just about any organic material, including wood, fiberglass resins and paper backings, cardboard, dust, and organic materials in soils.

However, mold has one important weakness: it needs lots of humidity to survive. BQ Basements and Concrete can eliminate mold growth by sealing off the crawl space vents, installing a plastic vapor barrier on the walls and floor, and running a dehumidifier in the space.

Sources of Crawl Space Moisture & Mold

We stop the problem by eliminating what helps mold grow! Call today to schedule your no cost, no obligation estimate for your dry, mold-free crawl space!

Wet, Leaking Crawl Space?

If you have a wet, leaking crawl space, it will affect your entire home. The best way to dry a flooded crawl space is to install a crawl space sump pump and crawl space drainage system, to collect the water and discharge it from your home through a discharge line.

At BQ Basements and Concrete, we also recommend installing the AquaStop CrawlDrain™, the first custom-engineered crawl space drainage system designed just for crawl spaces. CrawlDrain™ is specially designed to collect crawl space groundwater and direct it to the sump pump system.

Protecting your Crawl Space from Humidity and Water Vapor

Once your crawl space drain has been installed, it’s a good idea to protect your home further with a crawl space vapor barrier, along with airtight crawl space vent covers and doors.

At BQ Basements and Concrete, we provide the AquaStop CrawlSeal™ Crawl Space Encapsulation system, including our 20-mil thick crawl space liner which carries a 25-Year Warranty.

Your free crawl space repair quote includes an on-site inspection, professional consultation, and written quote. Call or e-mail us today to get started!


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