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Basement Sump Pump Installation

The least disruptive and most effective way to keep a basement dry is installing a sump pump and waterproofing system - and keep it dry all the time!

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The least disruptive and most effective way to keep a basement dry is installing a sump pump and waterproofing system – and keep it dry all the time!

Our waterproofing contractors take the following steps when they install a sump pump system in your home. BQ Basements and Concrete’ professional basement waterproofers can install a sump pump system in an average basement in one, sometimes two days.

For a FREE sump pump installation estimate in NJ & PA including the areas of Trenton, Pottstown, Levittown, and areas nearby, call or e-mail us today!

Step 1: Installing a Drain to the Sump Pump

A layer of clean stone is set down only after the floor around the edge is jackhammered up.

A perimeter drain is installed on top of the stone, and a second layer of stone is laid down. The purpose of this is to direct water from the basement wall-floor joint to the installed sump pump.

The drains include a wall flange that extends up the basement wall to collect water that may leak from the walls which is all installed by BQ Basements and Concrete. Drilling the blocks to drain trapped water into your perimeter drain, if your home has concrete block walls.

Step 2: Sump Pit with Liner Installation

sump pump pit is also excavated for the pump to be placed in. The sump pit should not be too large, but it is important to have it large enough to work correctly. When placed in a small pit, a sump pump can pump water out faster than it can fill the liner, causing them to turn on and off quickly and burn out sooner. 

Pulling up water far below your home, causing unnecessary work and electricity usage happens when sump pits are too large.

The sump pump is always installed at the lowest point in the basement. This way, the water will naturally flow towards the sump pump and be pumped away.

Step 3: Installing the Sump Pump

From the perimeter drain, a line of PVC pipe is run to the sump pump system, and clean gravel is backfilled around the sump pump liner. This gravel discourages mud and debris from settling up against the sump pump.

To keep silt & sediment from getting into the pump, it is placed on a special stand inside the liner.

To keep out odors and humidity from rising out of the sump pit there is an airtight sump pump lid, and it allows the sump pump to run much quieter rate.

The TripleSafe Sump Pump System, you will have two pumps installed in the liner, as well as two discharge lines to ensure that the pipes can handle the amount of water being sent through them. 

Step 4: Testing the Sump & Drainage Line System

Prior to restoring the floor, the system is tested, to ensure the system is working correctly and to make any adjustments that could be needed.

Outside is inspected also to see if the water is being discharged to the appropriate location from the discharge line.

The system will have inspection ports installed, these are conveniently placed to drain a dehumidifier or to inspect and flood test the system.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

To finally complete the sump pump installation, the concrete floor is restored flush for a clean and attractive look. 

We do not leave a gap in the floor’s perimeter that can collect dust, debris, and other particles that could clog your waterproofing system, unlike other waterproofing systems.

Outside of your home, the discharge line is buried under the ground. The installer is careful to remove sections of the lawn in whole pieces before excavating to cause minimal damage to your landscaping throughout the installation.

Step 6: Basement Upgrades

It’s a great idea to take advantage of the space and create a cleaner, drier, more attractive area, once your basement is protected from flooding,

Be sure to ask us about our battery backup sump pumps as well as our waterproof basement wall coverings, energy efficient dehumidifiers, waterproof basement flooring options, downspout extensions and solutions for common home plumbing failures. 

To waterproof the basement and install a sump pump in your home, get the experts at BQ Basements and Concrete. We offer free, no-obligation visits and written sump pump installation quotes to all homeowners. Our service area includes Eastern Pennsylvania & Western New Jersey, including the areas of Pottstown, Trenton, Levittown, Doylestown, Quakertown, Flemington, New Hope, Frenchtown, Red Hill, Newtown, Bala Cynwyd and areas nearby. Call or contact us online today to get started!


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