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7 Ways To Protect Your Foundation During A Winter Storm

A heavy snowstorm not only wreaks havoc on your plans, but your foundation too if it's not protected. Here are 7 ways you can safeguard your home during an upcoming winter storm.

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As snow blankets your beautiful Philadelphia or New Jersey/Delaware home, it can have adverse effects on your foundation. After a large snowfall, days and weeks of slow melting and refreezing causes water to seep into the soil around your home. As soil swells with water and even freezes, it expands, inflicting damage onto your basement, crawl space, or concrete slab.

If you remain vigilant during cold weather, you can protect your home from frost heave, differential settlement, basement leaks, and more. Follow these simple tips to keep your property safe during a major snowfall, and learn how BQ Basements & Concrete can help.

1. Clear out Gutters and Drains

clogged Pennsylvania and New Jersey Gutters

Before a winter storm hits, be sure to completely clear out your gutters. When your gutters and downspouts are clogged, it leaves them vulnerable to freezing during icy cold weather or a snowstorm. Ice or snow buildup can lead to many costly issues—as it can weigh down and even break your gutter. Snowmelt can also infiltrate your attic after the formation of ice dams, ruining your insulation and shingles.

It’s vital to complete this task before snow, and not after it’s already fallen. Trying to clear your gutters in the midst of or after a snowfall can be dangerous.

2. Make Sure Your Downspouts Are Positioned Correctly

It’s easy for downspouts to be misplaced throughout the year whether it be because of other large-scale weather events, yard work, or pets and kids. Before a large snow, make sure to double check that your downspouts are correctly placed. This means making sure the discharged water is: facing away from your home, and far enough away so that the discarded water doesn’t pool around your foundation. 

3. Protect Your Window Wells

During a large snowstorm, you’ll want to clear out all of the debris from your window wells. Too much junk crowded around the outside of your egress window can freeze in your window well, potentially causing ice to expand in volume. This may crack your window or damage your window well.

4. Keep An Eye on Your Sump Pump

Having a sump pump is a vital tool for managing excess water and moisture in your basement. Excessively cold weather, known all too well by Pennsylvanians and New Jersyans, can put your sump pump in jeopardy through frozen discharge lines.

Having yearly maintenance performed can make sure your finger is on the pulse of what’s going on with your foundation. We offer annual maintenance appointments for all of our sump pumps we install in your home, so you can have comfort in knowing everything’s working properly.

5. Consider a Downspout FreezeGuardTM

FreezeGuardsTM protect your sump pump discharge line from freezing or bursting during cold weather. When discharge lines freeze underground, they regurgitate discharge water back through the line and flood into your basement. The FreezeGuard provides an escape route for this water to be discarded in the case of your pipes bursting or freezing.

It’s possible your FreezeGuardTM may never be used; however, if you ever need it, it can save you money, stress, and many sentimental items in your home.

6. Shovel Snow Away from Your Property

You already know that shoveling your driveway is needed during a heavy snow. Did you know that shoveling snow from around your foundation is beneficial as well? By removing the snow from around your home, you reduce the amount of snowmelt that can collect around your foundation and leak into your basement, crawl space, or beneath your concrete slab.

7. Consider Adding an Interior Drainage System

A perimeter drainage system on the inside of your basement collects any water draining from your walls or floor, then safely provides a passageway for it to drain away from your home. Since this type of drainage systems sits on top of the footing in your basement, it’s less likely to get clogged by being trapped in the “mud zone.”

Contact BQ Basements & Concrete for Snowstorm Foundation Protection

While you can’t control the weather, you do have control over the protection of your most valuable asset, your home. Safeguard your basement from leaking, flooding, and bowing or cracking walls with the right home solutions with BQ.

Our decades of experience in permanent basement and foundation solutions in greater Philly, New Jersey, and Delaware mean we have the local knowledge to tackle any home’s unique foundation condition. For you, we offer free inspections of your entire home to best pinpoint the root foundation vulnerabilities. When we revitalize your home, we intend on doing it the right way, once. So you never have to worry about your foundation during another winter storm. Set up your first appointment with BQ Basements & Concrete, today!


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